How I Became A Vampire.

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How I Became A Vampire. Empty How I Became A Vampire.

Post by streetbackguy on Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:56 pm

Yes this is old, but I felt like reposting for those that haven't seen it yet.


"Ha! I beat you again Dan!" John shouted as he punched the air above him in triumph. He had just beaten Dan for the 4th consecutive time at Street Fighter II and Dan was not amused. "Yeah, yeah. You won this war John, but you'll never beat me at Mario Kart!" Dan Joked as he went towards the Super Nintendo and took out the Street Fighter II cartridge.
Dan and John have been best friends since kindergarten, but they didn't always get along. Especially when video games were involved. "Fifth time lucky eh?" Dan said as he popped the Mario Kart cartrige into the Super Nintendo.
"JOHN! DEBBIE! I HAVE GREAT NEWS!" Shouted Dans dad. "COME TO THE KITCHEN QUICKLY!" He echoed throughout the house. "Sorry Dan, I'll be back in a minute." John said as he got up and headed through the door to the kitchen. As he entered the kitchen, Johns dad was celebrating something with a bottle of beer, but what could he be celebrating? Dan wondered.
John's Mother, Debbie was sat at the kitchen table wondering the same thing. After a minute of John standing in the doorway, Debbie on a chair thinking and Johns dad, Richard, jumping around drinking beer, Richard finally managed to cough up the news. "Guys, I've been offered a promotion!" He said with glee. As she heard this, Debbie jumped up and hugged Richard with pride.
"Thats great news honey!" Debbie said as she kissed him on the cheek. "Way to go dad!" John said as he leant against a chair. "There is on slight snag though;" Richard said. "We'll have to move to Canada and I've already accepted it. Here are the tickets and everything." He said, flashing his wife and son some airplane tickets, first class."Oh..." came a soft groan from the hallway next to the kitchen.

Dan had snuck up on the family and eavesdropped to find out the news. He walked into the kitchen as Debbie let go of her husband and stormed upstairs crying, whilst John looked at him in disbelief. "You can't be serious Mr. Taylor! That means I won't be able to visit John again!" He uttered. "Sorry Dan, but we leave on Saturday and I can't reverse the decision. I could always get you some tickets to visit though..." Richard meekly replied back.
Dan looked at John who was looking down at the floor. "You can't seriously want to go can you John?" Dan asked, choking up. "I'm afraid I have no choice Dan..." John said trying to hold back his tears. "...This is goodbye as we know it."

As their plane arrive in Toronto, Canada, the Taylor family headed to their booked 5 star hotel in the city center. "Hmm, I say we take a cab." Johns father, Richard said. "It'd be too dark to see where we're going if we walk." He said as he stuck out a thumb at roadside. Suddenly a black taxi pulled up next to them. "Where ya headed pal?" asked a cockney driver who stuck his head out the window, wearing a baseball cap. "The five swallows hotel please"
Debbie said as she, John and Richad all filed into the backseat of the car. As they made their way to the hotel, John looked out of the window and saw that people around Toronto had a lot of crucifixes on their doors and windows. "They say the five swallows is the best hotel in the country." The taxi driver uttered trying to make conversation. But everyone was looking out of the windows, ignoring him so he just continued driving.

After 20 minutes of traffic jams and traffic lights, the taxi finally drew up next to the hotel. "That'll be $25.00 please sir." the taxi driver said. Richard payed him and got out, as did Debbie and John.The Taylor family walked towards the hotel doors and opened them. Inside, they were greeted by the smell of lemon and set their luggage down next to the reception desk as Richard rang the bell for service. Just then, an upbeat receptionist popped her head up from under the desk.
"Sorry!" she said as she was clearly eating something. "This is my only chance for a lunch break! How can I help you folks?" She asked, putting away a half eaten sandwich and straightening her glasses. John suddenly piped up for the first time since he arrived with "We're here for our rooms. We're the Taylor family." The receptionist looked confused at this statement until Debbie cut in with "We have specially reserved rooms, I believe they're rooms 126 and 127?" The receptionist perked up
at hearing the room numbers and suddenly dived down behing the desk again. "One moment please!" she said sticking a finger up in the air to signal waiting. She returned to eye contact with 2 golden keys with little tags on them which said '126' and '127'. "Thanks" John said as he snatched the room 126 key from her grasp. He then proceeded up the stairs, followed by his parents with their own room key. All unaware of the man in the trenchcoat who was watching them from the shadows...

After a few minutes in the elevator, they finally found the floor their rooms was on. As soon as they stepped out of the elevator the man in the trenchcoat stepped out of the staircase entrance. He suddenly saw Richard and extended his hand in greeting. "Hello there Taylor! My name is Jack and I'm going to be your new boss. I hope you enjoy your stay here." He said, with a hint of lust in his eyes as he eyed the family up and down. "Well, I hope we enjoy it too sir!" Richard replied jokingly as Debbie was finishing up with her makeup.
"Well, I better let you folks get some sleep. Its already 11:45pm!" He exclaimed and made is way back downstairs. "Goodbye sir!" Richard called out after him. "He seems creepy." Debbie said as she suddenly noticed he was eyeing her family. "Well all new people are like that. But yeah, I'm tired, lets hit the sack." Richard said as he walked over to his rooms door and inserted the key. He twisted the key and opened the door, then went inside followed shortly after by his wife. John who was left standing in the hallway turned to his door and opened it with his key. He went inside and lay on the bed staring at the ceiling.
He couldn't sleep for some reason, which was odd for him. Was it because of the way that dads boss acted? was it because I'm in a new city? He though. And when clock in his room struck midnight, he rose up with a start. He could hear screaming in his parents room and scratching sounds. "I hope that mom and dad are all right.." John said to himself quietly as he grabbed a flashlight from his suitcase and opened his rooms door.

He grabbed the handle of room 127 and twisted it, entering the room. The room was pitch black when he entered so he turned the flashlight on and was greeted with his parents bloody corpses. John looked in horror as the very people who had given him life were suddenly dead in front of him, Limbs missing and blood pouring through every hole in their bodies. He stifled a scream and shone his flashlight around the room, eventually shining on his fathers boss who he had met earlier, holding a dagger, with blood around his mouth.
In one swift movenment, Jack ran across the room and flashed his teeth at John, they were sharp and pointy like a vampires. he ran to the doorway and blocked John from escaping. "What do you want with me?" John uttered, shaking with fear, his eyes not leaving the dagger in Jacks hand. "I want you to help me gain control of some minions, Vampire minions." He said calmly and slowly. He raised the dagger and stabbed John right in his right shoulder. "Now, you can let me bite you and you'll survive or you can crawl away and bleed to death. Your choice." He whispered into Johns ear as he let go of him and withdrew the blade.
John didn't answer. instead he slumped to the floor and started crawling out the door, Blood pouring from his dagger wound. "" He uttered meekly. "I don't think you understood John, you didn't have a choice." he said with a smirk and lowered his head towards Johns neck...

"Did you enjoy your stay sir?" the receptionist asked a shadowy man in a trench coat. "Yes I did thank you madam." He said as he flashed her a glint of his fangs. She flashed her fangs back at him and winked as he strolled out of the hotel Lobby. He hailed a nearby taxi and the taxi driver stuck his head out of the driver window. "Where ya headed mate?" he asked with an australian accent. "To Toronto international airport please." The man said getting in the back seat with some luggage. "I think its time to visit an old friend..." he said quietly to himself, twirling a flashlight, as they drove away...


He sat upon his bed, thinking aloud about the last time he ever went outside. Dan was an ordinary boy, until fifteen days ago, when he was transformed into his worst nightmare.

Fifteen days prior to this, Dan was at high school, tossing paper airplanes and shooting spitwads all over the place, until he was called out of class by the principal, Mr. Josenburg. They both walked into his office as calm as the summer breeze that surrounded the school. Mr. Josenburg sat Dan down and then proceeded to sit down himself. The principal then asked Dan "Boy, do you know a student named Gary?"
Dan merely shrugged and said "You mean Gary Smith? He's cool." Mr. Josenburg replied with a calm soothing voice, which was unusual since everytime he spoke to Dan he spoke with roars of anger.
"No not Gary Smith boy, Gary Heltz. He recently moved here with his family from Pennsylvania, USA and he has had to stay at home because he is ill. I am asking you to go visit Gary once a week and make sure he is not feeling so lonely anymore.
"A sudden clatter came from outside the office which made everybody jump. Mr. Josenburg walked over to the door, opened it slightly and stuck his head out to see what the commotion was. It turned out to be Mr. Rosetine who had dropped his mops which made a loud crashing noise. Mr. Josenburg closed the office door and sat back down to face Dan. "So? What do you say?" Dan had always wondered what it would be like to have a foreign friend, he could imagine them eating all sorts of wonderous food, playing his friends national sports and generally hanging around with him. Dan answered with a short and simple "Sure".

After six hours of boring lessons at school, Dan decided to go and visit Gary, since he had obtained his house address from the principal, He was surprised to find out he lived down the street from him. Dan quickly stopped at home, put his school things away and changed his clothes, and then he exited the house to go and spend time with Gary. "Ah, number 69. I haven't visited this place since the Henderson's moved out." The Henderson's son John was friends with Dan until his father got a job in Canada. As he knocked on the door, Dan felt a sudden chill, as if there was a sense of impending danger. The door opened and Dan was greeted by Gary's mother.

She was tall, had blonde hair and was kind of pudgey. 'Not the type of combination you want for a mother,' thought Dan. She stood there smiling at him for what seemed like ages before Dan politely asked her if Gary was home. Gary's mother said "Please come in dear." Dan walked into Gary's house and sat down on the sofa.
"He's just upstairs playing cards with his father. Would you like me to call him for you?" Gary's mother asked dreamily. Dan had noticed she seemed like she was in a dream most of the time, whilst she was bumping into things like the coffee table and some chairs while making her way to the stairs.
"GARY!!! SOMEONES HERE FOR YOU!" she shouted at the top of her lungs which forced Dan to cover his ears. She quietly wandered away into the kitchen when a pale, sickly looking boy came down the stairs. Gary, Dan assumed, was short and thin with bright green eyes and black hair, totally the opposite of his mother. The boy smiled at Dan and asked "Do you want to play outside?" Dan thought it would be rude to refuse so he replied "Yeah sure!" As the two boys walked outside, the mother looked over her shoulder at the boys and snickered slightly.

Number 69 was adjacent to acres of woodland so the local kids often targeted the house for vandalism underneath the cover of night. As Dan gazed at the woods, Gary was standing still looking up at the evening dusk. Gary silently whispered to himself "It's time..." Dan had turned around at this point and started questioning Gary on what it was like to live in Pennsylvania. Gary simply shrugged and stated "We should play hide and seek in the woods. It's better at night." Dan started noticing Gary had been acting slightly weird. "Yeah... ok." Dan hesitantly replied, and both of them set off into the depths of the woods.

They had been walking through the woods for ten minutes and Dan kept marveling at all the fascinating creatures that came out at night. "WOAH! Gary, check out this rabbit!" Dan had found a dead rabbit with all of its remains scattered around its body. Dan said to Gary "What do you think happened?" After a minute, Dan looked around.
"Gary?" he called. Dan had realized Gary had vanished and he was all alone, so he started running back the way he and Gary came. He didn't get very far before he ended up at the dead rabbit again, Dan groaned as he realized he was lost. Suddenly, a twig snapped behind him and Dan turned around to see Gary holding a rock above his head, but before Dan could react, Gary hit him on the head with the rock and knocked Dan out.

When Dan woke up, he was tied to a wire bedframe being held aloft by four people, two of which, he recognised. "Gary? Mrs. Heltz?" he cried. Both Gary and his mother kept their heads staring straight ahead as they carried him off to an unknown location. They eventually arrived at an old cave with what looked like light coming from the interior. All of them proceeded into the cave with Dan, who was still tied up despite his effort of trying to bite the rope off of his wrists. The four people stopped and laid the bedframe on the ground, Dan started to panic as he looked at the other two people who he recognised straight away, thanks to the brightness of the fire's glow next to him. One of the unrecognisable people was his principal, Mr. Josenburg and the other person was his best friend, John.
"John? But how? How did you get here when your family moved to Canada?" Dan asked with curiosity. John simply answered "Well, it's easier with wings!" which started the four people cackling maniacally. "Wings? But it's impossible for humans to have wings!" Dan was starting to feel uneasy when three of them backed away, except for John, who explained why and how he got here. "Well, when I, my mom and dad arrived in Canada, we were treated to a night in a five star hotel by my dad's boss since we had nowhere to stay. All was going well until midnight. I heard the door creaked open and I saw my dad's boss creep in the room, when he realized I saw him enter our hotel room, he ran at me and bit me in the neck, which was why I 'accidentally' mutilated my mom and dad. Since then, I flew back here and awaited your arrival at Gary's in the school attic, until poor unfortunate Mr. Joseburg came snooping around for some art canvases. I started to feel thirsty. But not for water or juice or anything like that, I was thirsty for BLOOD!"
The other people started laughing so much that Gary's mother doubled over with laughter. "And now I'm a vampire along with these three, and my dad's 'boss', but he stayed in Canada so he could lure more people for food!" John finished, as Dan stared at his face in shock, his face pale wih horror. Gary suddenly stepped towards Dan and said "And now its time for you to join us..." As John was lowering his teeth towards Dan's neck...
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