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Post by Miku on Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:10 am

Deep inside of your thinking crevice, four voices seem to whisper and delve deep into your thoughts, slicing deep into your dreams....

The first of the four voices was a deep, violent voice who's own tone was embezzled with physical prowess and strength greeted you with loud, booming, arrogant laughter that easily caused a headache. "Welcome chaos-bringer, to the realms of impossiblity, to where whatever pipe-dreams of disorder or disamtusive nature your evil-sewn mind will bring us."

The second of the four voices was light, strong, and mystical, but the voice seemed stronger than the last, darker, demanding, it's tone showered with deep amounts of knowlageability and magical overtones. It's voice rang out like a teacher, low but intelligent. "Ahh....welcome one who seeks destruction and disorder, I look forward to our minds meeting in the eternal...."

The Third of the four voices was even more powerful than the one before it, lushous, sweet, as if beconing your mind twords it's voice, the feminine vocals seemed to make you grow more and more insane every second you listen to its lustful voice. "Mhhhh....Welcome indeed, someone of your strong, masculine power beseeched fitting below the wing of my self....I will be watching you....hehehe~"

The fourth and final voice seemed to be the weakest of the tones, with shy, soft tones showing worry and uncertainty, yet this voice seemed to be the leader, the one who looks and manages the actions of the creatures before it, the voice was human, quiet, but the first human voice... "H-hello...." The voice didn't seem to be coming from inside of your mind, but in front of you, your eyes open to see a young girl of 17 standing in front of you, dressed in all grey and black, her hair as golden as the sun, and he'd face as pale as the moon, she was staring deep into your eyes as you look into hers, her eyes were of four colors, one was red and blue, wile the other was green and purple, she looked down to you from her tall, thin form, she was inhumanly tall, about seven feet and six inches tall, her lips shined light crimson, and moved quiveringly as she spoke to you. "I-I'm K-K-Kasey.....N-nice t-to m-meet you...." She held out a thin, boney hand to shake yours, the first sign of a new friendship.

(Extended intro I made at 4:00 in the morning)
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