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Post by Syrika on Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:24 am

I was always ..fascinated by Creepy pasta's.
Well, because obviously, they make me sacred. Its weird really. I can watch the weirdest horror movies or read the most gruesome horror stories in books or online, and they never even get me to twitch. Sure, some of them get me to gag, but nothing more then that.
But not with creepy pasta's.
The first one I read was the one called lost silver I think. I remember finding it on 4chan after I had finally learned to endure all the p o r n that is thrown your way, and I found a topic full of glorious comments/topics from the past. One of them was the lost silver one.
At the time I just gotten my laptop, and I was spoiled with the freedom it gave me. Sometimes I would totally mess up my sleeping schedule, staying on the internet and browsing until 2 or 3 in the morning.
So imagine that. I was in my bed, very late at night, and reading that story. It scared the s h i t out of me at the time. And, curious idiot as I am, I actually decided to go on the internet and see if there was more to this weird story. I wasn't disappointed. I found the actual game fans made of it and played it.
And that scarred me for life.
Seriously, I mean that. If I even THINK about that bloody lavender town theme, I know I'll have a hard time sleeping.
But even though that managed to scare me in the extreme, I kept reading them. Even worse, I became fascinated by why they would make me so scared. Because of the fact I have played the games subject in the creepy pasta's? Because it supposed to be all cute and cuddly, and turning that upside down is scary? I've pondered about it a lot, but I've never quite figured out why.

What I did know is that I wanted to write one myself. I always wondered if I could make people as scared of my stories as that I was of theirs. And, fair enough, I might have wanted a bit of payback for those first sleepless nights.
To figure out where I would start, I did a bit of research. I started to read more and more creepy pasta's, started to read lists of people who knew what you should and shouldn't do, and talked with some people who had already written one.
The writer of one of those lists on deviant art helped me a lot with my little research. She explained to me that almost no games were perfect. A lot of games, even really good ones, have glitches or some other things which every now and then causes games to crash and do weird things. The only thing I needed to start a good creepy pasta was to remember one I've had ( which I might have long forgotten) and exploit it.
So I did. I always remembered something weird about my pokemon silver game. I've started that game over a couple of times, but it only happened the first time I've ever came to pewter city. You know the museum there? In Pokemon gold and silver, its supposed to be closed due to renovations.
I swear to god it was open.
I can't remember any more of that, but when I peeked around on the Internet for a bit, I found out that there isn't supposed to be such a thing. However, the maps for the museum were actually made and put in the game, but apparently at the last moment they decided not to use it ( probably because then they would have to introduce fossils as well, and rumor goes that they didn't have enough space on the cartridge for that) So there's my glitch. It happened only once, I've had many playthroughs since then and I've never seen it again. But it was something I could work with.

However, I quickly abandoned the idea. My research toward how to write a good creepy patsa ( and reading those of others) gave me some really horrible nightmares, and the things I wrote down actually managed to scare me on a second read through. Seriously, my school started to suffer under my lack of sleep at the moment, so I quit the idea's and just focused on other things. I didn't even remember I had been so fascinated by it, until today.

I know that "until today" sentence sounds extremely cliche and is probably on top of the DON'T list, but just hear me out.
My life is going pretty good at the moment. I have a great education in what I can do exactly what I want, and I have a nice boyfriend who I love more then everything in the world. Last week, we finally got the news that we could rent a house. We've been looking for one for a while now and in the meantime we've been living together in small student rooms, friends houses and even in a basement for while. But now, we've finally got our own place.
Since then we've been busy with getting that bloody house in order ( I say bloody because the emotions and my boyfriend tend to get really heated up about certain things.. nothing serious though) and my parents have been casually dropping all the stuff I left behind in their house here now.

And today that delivered two really odd finds. First, my old gameboy. My first gameboy was a purple gameboy color, and even though it is far more scratched then I remember, it is still is in a perfect working condition. I was pretty happy I found it. You know that “pling!” sound when it turns on? Nostalgic ear gasms.
Pokemon silver was still in there, but although it worked, my old save game wasn't there any more. Due to the internet I know what that means, that small battery in the cartridge has probably died. To bad, because that renders the game pretty useless.

The second thing I found was a bit more.. weird though. I found some of my old diaries. When I was about 11 ~ 12, I apparently made some sort of pact with a good friend of mine that we would keep diaries. I know that because there is some really silly bad written vow on the first page.
That's not the weird thing I'm talking about though. You know how I was talking about the fact that I swore to god that stupid museum in Pewter city was open? Well apparently, it was. I made diary entries of it. And they are... slightly...disturbing.

I want to share them with you, part because I have no idea what to do with this information, second because, well, I always wanted to write a creepy pasta ... I just never imagined I didn't have to make one up.

I will post the entries I found in a bit, but first I have to edit them some. Not because I want to make them scarier, but mostly because most of my language was “OMIGAWD and then I foUnD AN EYE!!!!!111!” back then. I just want to save you ( and mostly me) the embarrassment.

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Creepy Pasta...? Empty Re: Creepy Pasta...?

Post by New999 on Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:11 am

I never got into them. I read alot of them, but in all honesty, they were REALLY stupid more than scary. Even when it tried to be scary, it wasn't.

But, hopefully yours will be different and i will actually read the first ever Creepypasta i actually like.
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Creepy Pasta...? Empty Re: Creepy Pasta...?

Post by Syrika on Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:13 pm

Well I'm trying my best.
Also, on a totally different note, I goddamn told you guys. The moment I started writing this down the damn lavender town tune got stuck in my head.
Guess what pretty dreams I had tonight.

Anyway, so I finally came around to translating this thing. I might have added some syllables here and there because seriously, sometimes I had a hard time even understanding what I tried to tell. But here's the first entry I found:

(First part is a lot ado about nothing. Its a whole hyper page about how I managed to catch a Houndour when I was on route 7. Apparently I liked him and tried to train him, but I failed miserably. The page after that describes my first time ever in pewter city)

“We both raced to the next town and I got there just a little bit earlier then she did, mainly because I had been stacking on on repels. It wasn't such a big difference, only five minutes or so, but in my head that still counted as a small victory.
The town wasn't any different from any other town. There was a pokemarkt, a pokecenter, and a couple of houses which probably just had some NPC's going “Oh hello, look at my Ratata! Isn't he fantastic?" Amazing.
So instead I just did what I normally do, I went straight for the gym. I even skipped my routine of first going to a pokecenter every time I hit a town, because really, my pokemon were fine. I hadn't been fighting a lot lately. Random encounters are fine and all, but sometimes it gets a bit too annoying to hear that battle tune every two seconds. I'm impressed my friend isn't more annoyed by it.
I was excited for the gym. My friend had told me that Brock was the gymleader there and that in the end we actually had to face him. I liked that, I liked how the game made some effort of putting the TV series in the game. I wondered if we also get to face Ash later.
But I soon noticed that my lack of fighting had become a bit of a downfall. Sure, I managed to defeat the first person in the gym, but it took way more effort than It should have. Afterwards I even had to make a run for the pokecenter. Lol, yeaaaah, I'm really not that good.
Because of that failure I wanted to go and train a bit, but something in the top corner of the town caught my eye. It was a very big house, and it only had one little door in it. Curiously, I decided to go inside instead of training first.
It turned out to be a ... museum? There were a couple of cabinets with fossils in it, but it didn't specify which one. I could also go upstairs, were a rocket-ship and some moon rocks were up for display.
I liked it, and called my friend over to show it to her. The moment she laid eyes upon it she started getting all excited, mumbling about some fossil pokemon you would be able to revive and add to your party. Or something. She told me she didn't know it for sure, but that's how it had worked in her Pokemon yellow game anyway. So she made haste and went to the museum as well.
But as soon as she reached the museum in her game, we noticed something was off.
There were no doors on her museum building.
She made her character run around for a bit, trying to get in the house from all different angles (we'd encountered a hidden entrance to a building not long before) but she just couldn't get in. The only thing that was there was a sign in front that said “Pewter city museum – Closed due to renovations”
At this point I made made my character leave the museum as well, but my sign just read “Pewter city museum – Open from Monday till Friday”
We thought it was, well, weird. Of course, time/day based events weren't unusual in pokemon gold en silver, but our gameboys were set to the same time and day. If it would open on mine because of an event, then why not on hers? Or maybe it was a lucky thing?
We didn't know, but she was still excited we would be able to get one of the ancient fossil pokemon, so she put her game aside for a bit and looked with me. I went inside again and started talking to the researchers, but none of them had anything interesting to say. One just said “I like working here!” and another just commented how scared/ impressed he was of the Aerodactyl fossil in the cabinet. None of them even mentioned any fossils. We were a bit disappointed and I wanted to just leave it be and go outside again when I noticed there was something on the main counter.
A poke-egg.
I wondered why I didn't notice that before. Next to it was a researcher, moving in place as if he was dancing. The sprite of the egg looked like it was moving a bit, as if it was almost ready to hatch a pokemon. I selected it and a little text box popped up showing the text:“CRACK...CRACK..” When the text box was gone the egg started to shake a bit more noticeable, but it only did that for about a second or two. Then it just went back to slowly wobbling a bit.
I started talking to the researcher next to it. We hoped that maybe, instead of getting the fossils, we would just get the egg and have that give birth to one of the two fossil Pokemon.
But that was not the case. Instead, we got to read the longest dialogue in the history of a Pokemon game, with the researcher talking about how he loves his work, loves fossils, and how modern technology in the Pokemon world had made it able to clone a Pokemon from the beginning and even make them breed. This egg would, if all went well, contain the baby version of Aerodactyl. But we didn't “get” anything after he was finished, he just stopped talking. I selected him again, wondering if he would say something else the second time.
And he did.
Well, it was actually just the same story, but this time at the end he asked “Aren't you excited?” and a “yes/ no” text box appeared. I selected yes. “So am I!” he responded, and went back to dancing.
And that was it really. I tried to do it again a couple of times, and even selected no, but then I just got an disappointed response saying “...Oh.” and he would stop dancing for about a second or two. But that's it. So instead I went outside again and...”

I'll just stop this one here, because the rest of the entry goes on and on and on about how I eventually ( Boy, I really wasn't good at pokemon AT ALL) managed to defeat Brock and went to the next town. After that it takes a while before I mention going back to the museum again, So that'll be the next entry.
I'm busy translation it now, but I'm a bit distracted by the fact that I still have to do so much before we could really move in, and actually, this story is already giving me the chills every now and then. You know what the weirdest thing is? I can't remember any of this. I do remember being with that certain friend when I found the museum, and I can also remember what it looked like now I read this back, but I always remembers it as a one time thing. That the next time I would come back it would've been closed. But due my own entries, it wasn't. I must've been there a thousand times.
I'll try to get in contact with that friend. Maybe she remembers something.

Also, if you're wondering, I changed the name of my friend to just “friend” Privacy reasons, you know.

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Creepy Pasta...? Empty Re: Creepy Pasta...?

Post by Syrika on Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:08 am

So today I've got two more entries for you. It took me a while to find them, primary because my boyfriend's mom tried to help with the cleaning, and she's a bit of an.. enthusiastic. Seriously, I cannot find anything at the moment.

Both the entries are a lot smaller then the last one. The first one looks like I casually wrote it down, probably wondering if it was even worth mentioning. The second is a bit more detailed, and the original text is full of !!!! which must have meant I was really surprised at what happened.

“My friend came along again today and showed me the Pokemon she was training to beat Red with. I was a bit jealous of her. Not only because she had managed to find Red long before I did ( and now wouldn't tell me where to find him!) but also because she had traded her old Raichu from Pokemon yellow into the game, which was level 100 when she showed it to me. I've never even managed to get a Pokemon higher then level 60 yet.
So when we were sitting in my room, her teasing me with my amazing pokemon training skills, she suddenly asked if I'd ever gone back to the museum to check upon the weird poke-egg we found there. I hadn't, but the moment she said it I did get curious about the whole thing again.
So I used Fly with my Pidgeot, and went to Pewter town again. It hadn't changed at all, so I could still enter the museum.
When I did, a little animation started playing. My character, who had been standing in the doorway, froze in place when some pixels moved in from the left side of the screen, looking if though they were flying throughout the museum. It took me a while to realize the pixels were roughly shaped in the form of an over sized bird. It slowly flew a circle above my head and then it disappeared again on the left side of the screen.
My character unfroze.
I thought the whole things was pretty funny. The poke-egg who had been on the counter the last time I entered had gone, so I kinda assumed that one hatched, and the flying thing was the Aerodayctyl that came from it.
I showed it too my friend, who once again encouraged me to walk around and see if now was the time we could add this mysterious ancient bird pokemon to our party.
It wasn't.
I tried talking to the researchers again, but they just kept saying the same thing they had been saying the last time I visited. The only thing I noticed was that the researcher who had been proclaiming that he didn't like the aerodactyl from the fossil case was now was looking left and right when you were done talking with him, giving him the impression that he was really scared of something.
The only researcher who had an all different dialog was the one who had been standing next to the poke-egg. He was still moving in place if though he was dancing, and when you talked to him, he would go on and on about how amazing it was that the poke-egg had hatched, and that he was truly proud and happy for the aerodactyl. He even told me he had given him a name, Ted. Pretty normal name if you ask me. But still, nothing about the fact that sooner or later I might be the proud owner of Ted.
Ted himself was gone by the way, I couldn't even find him anymore. I tried looking on the upper and lower floor, but the over-sided bird pixels were gone. My friend and I were once again pretty disappointed, so we-”

Second entry:
“Something weird happened with my Pokemon game just now. I was in my room, casually catching some Pokemon here and there, when by change I cycled though Pewter city again. You know, that little city with the weird museum thing. Because I was distracted at the time ( I think I heard my mom calling or something) I didn't notice where I send my character cycling, and it cycled right up to the pewter museum of science again. I hadn't been planning on going there, but curiosity got the best of me the moment I noticed that the little door in it still hadn't disappeared. I stared it it for a bit until I realized that museum was fascinating me to no end. The game itself was quite popular at the moment, so I've been asking around people if they have had the same thing occurring.
It hadn't.
I seem to be the only one with a game where the Pewter museum is accessible.

I made my character go inside again. The moment the screen faded in from its black state, the same thing happened that happened the last time I had entered. My character froze, and some pixels in the form of a bird( a bit bigger then the last time) flew in from the left side of the screen. It made a slow, small circle above my head, but instead of then flying away again, it this time landed on the counter next to the still dancing researcher. Then my character unfroze.
I made it walk towards the sprite on the counter, which I now finally recognized as a smaller version of a aerodactyl. For a second I wondered why they had made it smaller. Were they trying to imply that it was a younger version of the Pokemon? Or a mistake maybe? I had been wondering if this whole museum things was nothing more then a weird glitch, although the events that happened seem to be a bit too specific for that. Either way, I didn't know what too think.
When I selected the aerodactyl's sprite ( who had been turned towards the researcher) he turned towards me and a text box appeared. It didn't say anything interesting, just “TED: Sqree sqree!” and some sounds could be heard. I raised an eyebrow when I heard that though. Was that supposed to be his battle shout? It sounded a lot more aggressive then it usually does.
A bit confused I selected it again to see if I had heard it correctly. The same text box appeared, although there were a bit more exclamation points now. The sound remained the same, sounding aggressive, almost violent in nature. How weird.
I turned towards the researcher next, who I noticed was still his jolly old self. He wasn't really talking to me at first though. He was talking to the Aerodactyl, making cute remarks like he was some sort of teddy bear or very cute dog. It took a while before he started talking to me, and even that was just him praising Ted. He was one happy little researcher.
But then it started getting weird. With that one little sentence.
“You can pet him, if you like. He likes getting pet.”
Weird sentence? At itself, no. So I did what a lot of you would've probably done as well. I stepped aside, until I was next to the small sprite of the Aerodactyl again.
And selected him.
A small text box forced his way onto my screen, accompanied by a sound that was way louder then it should have been. The text box was shaking while big, capital letters showed me that Ted was actually screaming at me.
And if that didn't startle me enough, the screen went black. It was only for a few seconds, but I honestly thought my game boy had just died or something. (and me with it, goddamnit)
Weird noises were all over the place, until I managed to identify the pix-elated sound from the move “bite.” And I wasn't wrong
The moment the screen faded back again, a text box with the words “TED used BITE” appeared. My hands became clam. With a terrible look on my face I looked at the gameboy, where the pop up box was waiting patiently until I would press the A button. My heart was racing in my chest.
Bite? Outside of a battle? I'd seen special attacks being used outside battles ( Like the special HM moves) but I'd never seen that happen with the move bite. Who would he even bite? Me?
In the time it took my hart to calm down I recollected my nerves, and after a while finally pressed A.
The text box disappeared.
The Aerodactyl sprite screamed once more ( a lot softer now, thank god) and then flew of. The researcher started moving in place real fast, like it was in distress, and then quickly ran after it, until they both disappeared from my screen.
I wanted to go after it. I steered my character to the left, in the direction they had both disappeared, but after just two steps my screen started shaking. I jumped, still being a bit shaken by the event just now, until I realized it just “did that thing it does” when one of your pokemon has been poisoned. What? How can the move “bite” poison someone? I quickly brought up the menu of the game and selected my pokemon to look at their status.
None of them were poisoned.
I raised an eyebrow, wondering more and more if this might be just a extremely detailed glitch. I closed the menu again, started walking. Again, after just two steps, the screen shook.
But my Pokemon had nothing.
Then I wondered about something. Just a weird thought in the back of my head. Who had been bitten by Ted? Not my Pokemon. They were all cosy inside their poke balls the moment it happened.
A bit nervous now, I brought up the game menu again.
And selected MY status.

The screen was.. weird. Everything seemed normal at first glance. But when I looked at my character sprite I noticed that something was horribly wrong. The colors were off.
As in, not in the right place at all. His normally red jacket had changed colors with the bits that were supposed to be his skin. It was an eerie white/ skin colored tone, while the skin on his face and hands on the other hand were a deep red color. The black color in his pants and shoes were now halfway up his chest ( making it look like he had none) and on the color on his left arm made it look like he had some terrible open wounds there.
I felt scared. Not only because it looked like my character was horribly mutilated, but also because I was wondering what the hell was happening too my game. Was this supposed to happen? Why would something like this be in a child/friendly Pokemon game? I stared at the screen for a while, wondering what to think of this and what to do. Maybe I should just get out of here. I had been playing quite a while before entering the museum, even catching some Pokemon here and there. I wanted to save.
But not here. I've heard the stories of all those glitch-fest. I didn't want my game to die.
I took control of my character again, making him move towards the exit. Every two steps, my screen would shake. I don't know if it was because of the shaking, but it looked like my character was moving slower and slower, the more I walked.
I was almost at the exit the moment my character stopped moving completely. The text box that appeared drove a cold chill upon my spine. “SYRIKA fainted.”
The fuq?
I fainted?
How is that even possible?
I tried to open the game menu, but the game now crashed completely. A single note was stuck on a loop, while a bar in the middle of the screen made it obviously clear that it was beyond saving. Duck! This was what I had been afraid off!
Frustrated, annoyed, and still a bit startled, I stared at now frozen screen. I didn't know what to think. I was annoyed because of the fact that all the Pokemon I had caught were now gone, but that obviously wasn't the thing that was bothering me most. That museum... what was with that place?

I was lost in thought when I was suddenly startled with the complete lack of sound around me. Its not that that wasn't normal.. after all, I was all alone in my room, and the only noise before had been coming from my gameboy, but it made me feel.. uneasy. With a deep sigh I turned my game boy off and threw it somewhere else on my bed. Enough Pokemon for now. “

Turning more into a story at this point isn't it? I have to admit, I'm having a bit too much fun translating these things... Don't get me wrong, everything that it says here above are actually in my diaries, I just made it a bit easier ( and interesting to read)
It does still startle me though. Why can't I remember anything of this? I know a have a very vivid imagination, and I wouldn't be surprised if I made this all up at one point to look interesting for my friends. Maybe that's just it. But even if it is a story, then I should be able to recall how it went shouldn't I? I don't know how it ends, and that's what kind of frightens me.

Also, for the ones interested in this, I found my friend. She was delighted to hear my voice ( I called) and we made an appointment for tomorrow. If anything interesting shows up, I'll let you know.

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